What Does XL-Ant Life Mean?


XL-Ant Life is meant to inspire happiness and positivity through playfulness and light-hearted humor. Based off the play on words of "Excellent Life," XL-Ant Life was created in the Spring of 2020 during quarantine, we wanted to create a brand that helps people think about the good, have fun, and appreciate the little moments in life in a world where it's easy to think about the bad and be negative. 

In order to create the happiness and positivity we wanted to inspire in people, we created a logo of Eddie, the Ant (yes he has a name!), with a big smile. The most contagious thing in life is a smile, in fact it increases a friend's mood by 25% and a neighbor's mood by 34%! 

The logo was designed so that every time you are wearing the XL-Ant Life shirt and look in the mirror, you will always see a smile no matter what is going on in life at that current moment. 

Eddie's smile was the start of our goal, to make the World smile one shirt at a time!!! Once we created the logo, we made designs based off what we activities we enjoy and make us smile. We are constantly listening to our costumers' feedback in order to make designs that continue to make people smile. 

As we continue on our mission to making the World smile one shirt at a time, we would love for you to help spread that infectious smile of yours! Welcome to the colony and help us inspire positivity and happiness by livin' life, havin' fun, and enjoying the little things in life!

Making the World smile one shirt at a time!!!